Offshore West Africa Conference Feb 2016

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Mabon has submitted an abstract for consideration by the OWA conference to be held in Feb 2016. Entitled ‘How to Unlock the Potential of the Deepwater Toe Thrust Area Hitherto Proving to be a Major Disappointment.

Topic Choice


We have a new President and therefore a new chance to develop deepwater offshore.

We know the disappointment caused when the promising toe thrust wells failed to find commercial volumes of hydrocarbons.

Proactive efforts have been made to generate the information required to unlock this potential.

a) By shooting very long record new seismic with the aim of better understanding the petroleum system on a regional basis and better predicting where the accumulations will be present.

b) By proposing controlled source electromagnetic surveys over prospects to reduce risk.

A new licensing regime is also suggested which will allow many more companies to explore in each area thus the industry will benefit from multiple ideas and tests thereby increasing the chance of success.

This paper will discuss all these points with examples hopefully aiding oil companies in their decision to participate in Nigeria.