Mabon Limited, acquired over 65,000 kilometers of magnetometer and gravity data offshore Nigeria. The dataset has been merged into one contiguous product that covers the entire prospective areas of the Niger Delta.

Mabon Limited

Survey Parameters:

This Gravity & Magnetometer datasetwas processed utilizing the following parameters:

  • Load Line data from AR2, AR3, AR3I & AR5 Datasets into Datapro database6
  • Grid bathymetry from combined database using minimum curvature gridding
  • Combined the Bouguer correction with free-air gravity to create Bouguer gravity
  • Perform systematic leveling process to free air gravity, bathymetric and magnetic data
  • Calculated the Bouguer correction with free air gravity to create Bouguer gravity
  • Performed systematic leveling process to Bouguer Gravity

Deliverables for the dataset

  • Digital line and grid data in ASCII format on CD amplitude stack(wide angle mute)
  • Maps of free-air gravity, Bouguer gravity, bathymetry and Total Magnetic Intensity