ION GX Technology & Mabon Limited

Mabon has undertaken a groundbreaking regional survey offshore Nigeria in conjunction with ION/GXT as part of their SPAN series of surveys. The SPAN lines enable regional geologists to map and model hydrocarbon systems, and in the case of Nigeria, help find new plays.

Through new technology, and innovative thinking with its partners, Mabon Limited continues to improve their data. Currently, Mabon is working on a new project with GX Technology called NigeriaSpan 2. The survey is an expansion of the highly successful NigeriaSpan 1 data acquired in 2005. The main purpose of this project is to assess block prospectivity and discover new play types through better understanding of the underlying regional “big picture” The Span data allows Basin-Scale Imaging, and its concept is based upon a series of regional grids ‘spanning’ all the major petroleum basins in the world.

Through analogy prospects found in one basin may lead to discovering similar situations in other less explored basins.


The Process Includes:

  • Designed by experienced regional experts
  • Cover the entire Niger Delta province of offshore Nigeria, extending eastward to Equatorial Guineaand into the Rio Del Rey Basin of Cameroon
  • Ultra-deep imaging allows mapping from the crust upwards
  • Ultra-high quality depth imaging provides realistic structural knowledge
  • The interpretation study incorporates all relevant wells and available information
  • Line layout & orientation is designed by geologists for geologists
  • Driven by Industry and Governments
  • New acquisition – long offsets (10km), long record length (18 secs) to image down to 18km, and large source (> 170 b-m) for deep penetration
  • Time Processing – State of the art multiple attenuation
  • Depth Imaging – presents the data scaled to depth providing realistic dip information
  • Structural and stratigraphic interpretation including estimated rock age and oil maturation windows
  • Gravity and magnetic data
  • NigerDELTA Span
  • Final Report – acquisition, processing and Interpretation In time, the objective is to acquire seismic over the entire geologic province
  • Traverses the EEZ of Sao Tome and Principe
  • Ties into JDZ with Sao Tome and Principe (ST&P)
  • Links lines from NigerSpan to EquatorSpan and CongoSpan
  • Spanning the entire basin or region