Mabon Limited

Mabon Limited, an indigenous Nigerian Petroleum Service Company, has led the way in non-exclusive geophysical surveys that brought International awareness to the prospectivity of the region and helped spur the current activities in the Nigerian offshore oil sector.

Mabon has close to 100,000 kilometers of high quality 2D seismic plus-gravity and magnetic data, offshore Nigeria. Its database covers the entire prospective sector from the onshore delta region to the deep offshore in water depths up to 4,500 meters and images down to 17,000metres under the sea bed. The regional coverage and quality offered by Mabon’s database far exceeds that of any of its competitors. Mabon has coverage across every major find to date in the Nigerian Oil Sector.

Mabon’s office headquarter is Lagos. It also has representative offices in London, Houston and Abuja. The company is managed by accomplished professionals with many years of industry experience in the oil & gas business. Mabon has a workforce of over 30 people worldwide, and has renowned international associates with strong technical expertise and experience to collaborate with companies, such as GX Technology (Houston), TDI Brooks (Houston), Fugro (Houston), SpectrumASA (Oslo), ECL (Oxfordshire, UK). Nearly 30 years of existence, the company has successfully provided data for some of the world’s largest oil companies that include Shell, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, AGIP, ConocoPhillips, Devon Energy, Addax, Occidental, Petrobras, Total, British Gas, and many more.

Mabon began operations on the west coast of Africa in 1983, and has since gained worldwide recognition after pioneering the geophysical survey that brought awareness to oil exploration activities in the Nigeria’s deep offshore. In addition to its pioneering role in speculative geophysical surveys in deep waters, Mabon has to date, evaluated over 30 open oil blocks in the deep offshore to assess their prospectively, thereby reducing exploration risk for new investors in the region.


Through 1996-98, Mabon carried out a regional data compilation for the reconstruction of the onshore Niger Delta geological framework. The onshore data covers many of the blocks now in focus due to Nigeria’s strategy of opening up the marginal fields which are either closed in or undeveloped. The company also successfully completed regional bio-stratigraphic and velocity studies for the enhancement of industry’s exploration efforts. In collaboration with reputable international associates, Mabon has participated in promotional block bidding rounds in Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon. The company has also been invited to support South Africa in its oil block promotions. It actively participated in the road shows (Houston, London, Singapore, and Port Harcourt) that ushered in Nigeria’s Oil/Gas Bid Rounds.


Mabon has also continued to aid stakeholders and new investors in the African Sub-Sahara petroleum region through innovative solutions in the field of geophysical survey, data quality control, surface geochemical studies, Bio-stratigraphy, data interpretation and prospect mapping, integrated studies/basin modeling, prospectivity evaluation, economic analysis, block evaluation, risk assessment, promotional block bidding rounds, deepwater JDZ interpretation studies and energy advisory services. Mabon’s data has been recorded with offset ranges of up to 10,000 meters and with nominal fold of cover up to 130. The data has been processed to provide imaging through Pre-Stack Time Migration and Pre-Stack Depth Migration and a variety of associated AVO products for each line.

The map (above) shows the most recent seismic program shot by Mabon in conjunction with ION/GXT. The new data is the latest technology specifications aimed at imaging at great depth (18km). It enables the oil companies to better understand the regional hydrocarbon and to discover new plays systems as yet undeveloped in Nigeria.