Mabon Group


  • Honesty and integrity
  • Mutual respect
  • Innovation
  • Competitive spirit


Mabonís vision is to create a world class company based upon shared values that allow its shareholders and the communities in which works to meet goals of prosperity and achievement that will endure.

At Mabon and our business units, we espouse values that drive every aspect of our endeavors and are critical to building successful businesses.

Core Operating Principles:

Our vision will be realized and our values confirmed through our core operating principles:

  • Safety: Placing the safety of our communities, customers and employees first;
  • Customer focus: Delivering products and superior service to help customers effectively benefit through use of electricity;
  • Operational excellence: Incorporating continuous improvement and financial discipline in all aspects of the business to develop and deliver safe and dependable products at affordable prices;
  • Performance-driven culture: Fostering a strong values- and performance-based culture designed to attract, develop and retain the best talent.
  • Environmental stewardship: Continuing to make strategic and operational improvements that lead to cleaner air, land and water;
  • Community focus: Being an integral part of the communities in which we serve;

Power Generation

We strive to become a leader in the provision of energy and to promote economic development and social progress by providing safe, reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable power to the people and economy of Gombe.

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Power Distribution

Mabon Power Nigeria Ltd. Seeks to develop a competitive retail electricity capability in Gombe State to power the lives of the residents and businesses of this power poor area.

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Oil Industry & Services

Mabon and its affiliated companies provide various services to the oil industry including seismic and operating services.

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Exploration & Production

Mabon, through its affiliates and subsidiaries invests in oil and gas exploration and development projects around the world.

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Real Estate

Mabon Real Estate Ltd. Invests in a wide variety of properties across a wide spectrum of countries and markets including offices, hotels, residential and retail properties.

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Microfinance Banking

Mabon Microfinance Bank Limited was chartered by the Central Bank of Nigeria for the purpose of providing low cost financial solutions and training that will empower people living in poverty to transform the lives of their families and communities.

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